Why Our Children Are Like The Weather

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Sometimes we have expectations for the weather to be a certain way so that we can enjoy our day. Sometimes the weather is just like we want it, and sometimes it is not.

Sometimes our children’s behavior is just like we want it to be – and sometimes it is not!

Yesterday when I got home from work I was expecting nice enjoyable weather and I got a brief and unexpected rain storm!

The meteorologist (Brian) had said everything looked clear.

(which is often the case until I get home… I think I bring some kind of pressure system that acts upon other pressure systems when I ask “Tell me about your day!”)

Sometimes –most of the time now– I handle storms really well.

Sometimes I am even the storm chaser… learning about and figuring the storm out! I welcome whatever weather is currently happening but sometimes – mostly when I don’t understand the reason for the storm or the upset – I don’t handle the weather with the acceptance that I usually do.

Last night when my daughter was upset – I had a thought that her reason for being upset was really kind of selfish – and I had my own little internal storm and judgment about it.

Then I took a moment, regrouped and decided I wanted to handle the “weather of her” different. So I did.

I went and laid down with her in bed. I told her that we are all human – sometimes we are kind and amazing and sometimes we are judgmental and hard to understand. Sometimes we lead we with our hearts (we all have one) and sometimes we lead with our egos (we all have one).


I suggested that she be curious about what she is feeling and why she is feeling that way. That is usually the best way to initially figure out what to do with the situation.

I gave her a kiss and told her I loved her. I told her she can handle hard things.

After I school drop-off, I had the realization that our kids – or anyone else around is – is like the weather.

Do we want the weather to be different so that we can enjoy our day? Trying to control how our kids show up…is like trying to control the weather (especially with raging hormones). When we want it to be different than it is…we suffer.

When we accept the weather for what it is at the moment, we can serve them and ourselves so much better. We grow.

It’s like learning to live from our hearts instead of our egos. And that is the biggest lesson I want to teach my kids!

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