Reins of Your Brain

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

In “The Practicing Mind”, Tom Sterner discusses the centuries old story of a chariot rider that is being pulled by four wild horses. The wild horses represent the uncontrolled mind and so the rider bumps along all day on an exhausting journey to nowhere.

Doesn’t sound like much fun.

I like to simplify.

I’m on one horse. I’m in the saddle. The horse is a metaphor for my mind.

There are two concepts I would like to discuss here.

One is nurturing and caring for your horse. The other is becoming aware of who is holding the reins of your horse.

Both are important.

#1. Do you care for your horse?

Do you keep it clean? Is it well fed and nourished? Your mind is your horse. What kind of hygiene and nourishment do you provide for this animal? Do you journal? Do you fill your horse with new concepts and education that serve your life? Do you exercise and feed it right to support it? Be kind to your horse by implementing essential hygiene.

#2. Who is in control of the reins?

Anytime you blame someone or something else for a bad mood or a regretful action you chose, you are handing over the reins of your brain to someone or something else. People often don’t like to hear this concept. This means that we become 100% accountable for our responses and actions. We no longer get to say, “You make me so mad when you do this or you don’t do that!” I mean, we can say and think that way if we want to, but we are handing over the reins.

Take Control

Take control of your reins by learning that you are in of your actions.

It takes commitment to learn how to manage the wild horse living between your ears. It is possible and so worth the training required.

The first step is to become of aware of the thoughts we are thinking and the feelings we are feeling. Become the creator of your state of mind by steering your horse in the direction YOU decide. It takes commitment, but it is well worth the training required!

Next time you find yourself spinning on a negative "Scary Go Round" about where you are in your life, what you don’t like about how you look, what you haven’t yet accomplished or how ridiculous your boss is... Remind yourself that you are no longer in control. Your mustang is either running wild or you have handed that reins of brains over to the boss.

Observe your horse. Be curious about its’ behavior. And be honest about who is holding the reins and where in the world you are going!

Happy Trails!

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