Intentions and Mantras!

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Intentions and Mantras

There is so much talk about intentions and mantras. What are they and how do we use them? I thought I knew, but I was struggling with how to articulate. So I did some investigating – and By George – I think I’ve got it! The following is how my brain understands and differentiates the two.


An intention is the starting point of a desire or a goal.


A mantra is vehicle to take your mind to the place it needs to be to make your intention a reality.

Intentions and mantras are different but are certainly partners in making things happen that we want to happen.

In all of my mind management training and practice, I have learned there DOES need to be an element of belief in what you are wanting and what you are saying. We have to start somewhere and then learn and grow!

Let me explain.

Your Intention might be to have a healthy body and to lose 50 pounds.

That is the desire – the goal.

If this is your intention, mantras that could serve you on your journey might be:

  • I choose healthy food

  • I am worthy of health and well-being

  • I know what serves my goal

  • I can handle any emotion without eating

If those mantras are not believable to you YET… you can start with something a little softer like:

  • I can learn to choose healthy food

  • I am learning to believe that I am worthy of health and well-being

  • I am learning what serves my goal

  • I am learning to handle any emotion without eating

Let’s say your Intention is to develop a positive relationship with yourself.

Some mantras might include:

  • I am enough

  • I am strong

  • I am worthy of good things

  • I am perfect today for today

  • I love myself

If those mantras are not believable to you YET… you can start with something a little softer like:

  • I am learning my value

  • I want to love myself

  • I can treat myself like I treat others

  • I am exactly where I am meant to be

Set your intention, Choose your mantra

Once your intention is set and your mantra chosen, repeating the mantra again and again – especially in stressful or trying times is key to your growth towards your intention. Also, your mantra might very from day to day or week to week, but stay committed to your intention.

This is a good time to really think about your intentions for yourself and your life.

What do you really want? How do you want to feel?

What thought mantras are going to get you headed in that very direction?

Listen to your mind and the mantras you repeat now. Do those thought mantras serve you and your goals/desires? I know mine used to sound like

  • I’m Fat

  • I can’t do it

  • I’m just not good enough

  • That’s too hard for me

  • I don’t have enough time

Those were not useful and usually did not serve my intentions. I learned to change it all around. You can too! IT’S SO AWESOME!

Start with knowing where you are.

Have a great week!

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