Thank You

Holiday Intention Setting Retreat

Thank you so much for choosing to spend the day with us. We are thrilled and excited for you that you chose to gift yourself this day and set the tone for your holiday season and beyond.


We'd like to share with you a little bit about the day we will have together. 


  • We will be doing some gentle yoga, meditation and breath work. We will also do some powerful mind work to help you set a personal intention to carry you through your entire holiday season with a sense of peace, joy, or whatever experience you want to create.


  • Tea/coffee/water throughout the day will be provided along with snacks at the ready. We will enjoy a delicious lunch and afternoon appetizers as well. 



  • Please dress in clothes you feel comfortable moving around in for our gentle yoga. Be prepared to spend an incredible day with amazing women as we collectively support each other in creating an intentional season. 


So that we can best serve you, will you please take a little time and tell us what usually keeps you from having a peaceful season?


  • What are your stressors?

  • What interferes with enjoying one of the most magical times of the year?

  • Is it people (or a person), the schedule, the spending?


There is no right or wrong answer. This will help US ensure we are ready to help you create the season you are longing for!


We can’t wait to hear from and see you soon,


Mandy and Ginger 

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