Raise Your Girls

Mandy Vickers Coaching

I help moms raising daughters find:

  • More JOY than worry in the process

  • More ACCEPTANCE  than resistance to  what is currently happening

  • More CONFIDENCE than doubt in your parenting

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Coach mandy

I help moms learn to change and control their parenting experience.  I work with amazing moms so that they can find more JOY than worry in the process, more ACCEPTANCE than resistance to the way things currently are and more CONFIDENCE  than doubt in your parenting choices.

I have figured out how to do all these things by first becoming aware that I was doing all the things I did not want to do. I was constantly worried about how they felt and what was happening during their days. I resisted that my daughter was in an abusive relationship. I wondered all the time if I was doing the "right" thing as a parent.  Then I figured out how to change - and everything else changed.  Now I have to share.

I am a certified life and weight loss coach as well as a registered nurse and mother of three amazing female souls!



"Working with Mandy was transformative. She brought her full attention and high energy to every session and offered coaching techniques and perspectives I hadn't thought of before. I highly highly recommend working with Mandy." 

Mary Beth LaRue

"Before I worked with Mandy, my mind was scattered in many directions. Mandy has taught me to understand the difference between Circumstances, Thoughts, and Facts so that I can make healthy decisions without blaming others which allows me to love myself. It has tremendously helped my life. Thanks Mandy for helping my mind and my brain!" 


Mandy Vickers

Life and Weight Loss Coach


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